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You and Me Pre-School

Registered Charity No: 1161960

Registered as Charitable Incorporated Organisation in England & Wales


In order to ensure your child gets a place at You and Me Pre-School you need to submit an admissions form to start the process of enrolment. We encourage parents to do this early as places are limited and place allocation (see below) is primarily based on when a child was placed on the waiting list.


"My son was at the Pre School and I knew how much he liked it, so when my daughter was born I sent in her enrolment form when she was only a few months old to make sure she was offered a place!"


Please read the admissions procedure summary below (full procedure can be located in the policies page of this website) and then fill out our online admissions form and the Admissions Secretary will get back to you to complete the enrolment process.  If you have any questions, please email or telephone 07561 331353 to speak to the Admissions Secretary.




1. Allocation of places


We arrange our waiting list in the following order:

•the date the child was placed on the waiting list

•the date of birth of the child

•whether the child has a sibling at the pre-school


We plan admissions and places or a rolling 12 months ahead, to ensure that as many children as possible benefit from our setting. Within this, we are mindful that older children may need an increased allocation of sessions and that younger children need to begin the transition from home to the Pre-school. If a place is offered for the September term and is not taken, we cannot guarantee those, or other places will be available until the following September intake.


We ensure we do not discriminate against younger children by keeping places reserved for them, providing it is financially viable. For example, if a child is due to begin at preschool in April, we will not allow existing children to increase their sessions if it means that the younger child will not have a place.


Children are added to the waiting list upon receipt of their admissions form.


Parent/carers will be notified in writing, as soon as possible, of the sessions allocated to their child, together with a start date and a welcome pack. Any requested change to the child’s sessions (before or after the child starts in Pre-school) must be submitted in writing. The    Pre-school will confirm in writing whether the change is possible or not within two weeks of receiving the request. Until written confirmation is received, there will be no change to the child’s sessions.


Four weeks’ notice in writing is required to cancel sessions and the four weeks fees will also need to be paid. The final decision on the allocation of places rests with the Pre-school committee.


2. Fruit and photo fund


Once a child is funded, we request a voluntary payment per half term which we call a Fruit and Photo Fund. This will cover fruit snacks and drinks as well as the cost of developing photos that are added to the children’s end of year development books.